Behavior Change Communication

Strategic communication is vital to address most of the world’s developmental challenges. We believe, when communication is designed keeping in view the particular socio-ecological context, defines the problem and stakeholders correctly on the basis of empirical research and creates an enabling environment to carry the message, it delivers. We have worked with multiple clients to understand issues then identify strategies to bring about campaigns that focus on social and behavioural change. We use multiple communication approaches including traditional media, social and digital media, community engagement, interpersonal communication, and other vehicles to achieve the objectives of  Social and Behavioural Change communication, This ensures reaching out to the target audiences, at the right time, in the right place with the right messages.

Conclusively, campaigns meet their purpose when content productions, PR and marketing/publicity arms are all intelligently crafted as part of a holistic strategic communications framework.  Our recent work for Women Empowerment Group is a reflection of our approach to using multiple tools message vehicles to reach different target audiences.