Media Relations

CRS has a proven track record of using its media relations strength to gain unpaid media coverage, both in print and electronic. The strong links that our core team developed during its own work experience with print or electronic media is one of our most prized assets today. Overtime we have built and reinforced these relationships and expanded them to engage international media as well. Our intellectual assets, overarching across media spheres are of particular significance for social and corporate sector. 

Media Releases

CRS has a laundry list of media releases we have managed over the 17 years of the company's existence. From press releases to corporate collateral, and from drafting press statements to product launch announcements, CRS has your media relations needs covered.

Press Conferences

From the idea to execution, as is the case with most of the services that CRS offers, we manage press conferences on a turnkey basis. We can manage literally every aspect, including branding and venue management, or only manage the media at the venue..

Media Visits

CSR has a very successful history of planning and executing media visits and tours. Whether the visit is within the same city, or at a facility in a remote region, CRS will manage every aspect of the media visit to ensure your headache is minimized, and your goals are accomplished. We believe our core strength is always to deliver well beyond the expectation.