Business Facilitation Services

We offer unparalleled Business Facilitation Services to our international clients who need to make business decisions about existing projects or launch new ventures in Pakistan. To facilitate our clients we map key stakeholder in government, private sector and the in some cases other actors that may have an influence on a particular business. We help our clients understand and engage with the identified stakeholders and provide support for meetings and long term relationship management. 

We also provide our clients understanding of the political & economic environment of the country with forecasting for risk assessment and determination of policy trends and events that influence the investment climate.  

Where required we also design and execute campaigns to influence opinion makers and policy makers for public affairs and media engagement purposes.

We also provide backup logistics support for our international clients that entails on ground support for managing visits of delegations by facilitating necessary transportation and accommodation support.

Our legal advisors also help clients in incorporations processes, contracting and legal advice in case of conflicts arising out of contracts.