Strategic Communication

From communication campaigns on sensitive issues like terrorism and extremism to mass awareness campaigns on the public need to respond to IED threats, and from showcasing Pakistani security forces' efforts to return Swat valley to some semblance of normalcy, to capacity building for local FM radio stations in the Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA province, CRS has a credible and demonstrable track record of delivering top-notch communication campaigns, platforms and solutions for our clients..

Message Development

We believe each product, services, business or even crisis has a unique story. That story has to be packaged through effective messaging. We develop messaging that’s accurate, simple and targeted at the desired audiences. Our time-tested communication architectures and solutions have always carried effective messaging aimed at telling your story in the way that audiences are receptive to.

Campaign Designing

We at CRS pick communication vehicles according to the need of the message and target audience. This is reflected through a number of campaigns where we have deployed a range of multiple and diverse tools in a reinforcing model which achieve highest audience exposures as well as prove to be most time and cost efficient.

We have designed and executed campaigns for a range of our clients by undertaking critical tasks such as concern management, market conditioning, new demand generation and new product development. From awareness and motivation to creating momentum for the desired attitudinal shift for a sustainable behavioural change. CRS can design and implement customised campaigns tailored to the precise requirements of our clients.

Issue Management

Organizations need  to anticipate, and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations and perceptions likely to have important consequences for their organizations. We have helped clients manage issues through a strategic process of communications and engagement.

We have organized events for outreach and networking with the media, civil society and the government. We have produced media content for electronic media and print media to help achieve objectives. We have conceived, designed and executed high profile photo exhibitions, as well as used social media campaigns and street theatre for engagement, advocacy, and mobilization. We have also planned and rolled out many mass media campaigns. Our solutions can be specifically catered to managing particular issues

Strategic Media Interventions

Through our vast network of media contacts, and our dedicated team of media professional with a constant finger on the media's pulse, CRS is able to counter, challenge, and alter even the well-entrenched messaging. To facilitate our strategic communications and interventions, we have a fully equipped film and drama production house, publication arm, printing press and radio production facilities at our disposal.